The sun is inside everyone of us and it is our mission to make it shine.
A smile: the simplest and most beautiful thing.
Aesthetics And New Technologies: A Winning Match.

Competences and services

The real strength of our firm is –as the very name suggests– a team composed of highly-qualified prosthodontists in every domain of Prosthetics. We are ready to analyse with a clinician all the solutions that can bring to the construction of a medical device that can meet the aesthetic and functional demands of the users. The internal organisation is based on ISO protocols which allow us to produce our devices while respecting the criteria defined by the current regulations.


New technologies

Dentalteam Prosthodontist Laboratory has been following the normal evolution of the prosthodontist profession for years, and new technologies impose on our firm a professional structure which can be easily and quickly adapted to everything new in the market. Reliable and tested protocols allow us to maintain high-quality standards while conforming to the market economy, which demands strict cost controls. An accurate outcome predictability is our first and best asset.



Sharing knowledge is one of Dentalteam Prosthodontist Lab's prerogatives. In our training room we usually hold training classes for clinicians and prosthodontists. By subscribing to our mailing list you will be constantly informed on the upcoming scheduled events.